[READ MORE: Medical Device Development Thrives in C'Ville](https://lunalabs.us/medical-device-development/)
[READ MORE: Medical Device Development Thrives in C'Ville](https://lunalabs.us/medical-device-development/)
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Accelerating high-impact solutions to aerospace, energy, health sciences, emergency services, and defense industries

We proudly partner with government labs, defense contractors, universities, federal agencies, and some of the best companies in the world to create technologies that address today’s complex needs for innovation.


Materials Synthesis and Characterization

Coatings and Surface Engineering

Performance Evaluation and Testing

Material Design and Optimization

Failure Analysis and Forensic Investigations

Sustainable and Green Materials

Blockade GC: A non-chromate corrosion control coating to increase durability of galvanic interfaces

Gentoo Aerospace Water Shedding Coating: Transparent coating for improved fluid repellency

Glasslock Potting Sealant: A contaminant-free sealant to extend the life of transparent armor


Asset Monitoring

Non-destructive Evaluation

Corrosion Control and Prevention

Data Analytics and Predictive Modeling

Acuity LS and Acuity CR: Real-time materials testing, asset monitoring, and corrosivity data

Galvanic compatibility tool as complementary accessory to MIL-STD-889D

SLEAC: Static load environment assisted cracking test system 




Wound Mitigation

Human Performance

Point-of-care Diagnostics

3WAVeS: Three-Axis Wearable Adaptive Vestibular Stimulation

AeroVeil: A precision aerosolized solution to prevent acute post-surgical adhesions

FlightForm Bronco Sentinel: Elevating aircrew performance and safety

NanoVac: A revolutionary vaccine and therapeutic delivery platform

Proteus: Real-time physiologic monitoring

Medical Simulation

Bleeding Control  Trainers

Joint Reduction Trainers

TrueClot Product Catalog

Dislotech:  Shoulder and Finger Joint Reduction Trainers 

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