We develop products that increase the productivity of mission-driven organizations.

Asset Management and Diagnostics

Luna Labs can create solutions in informative monitoring systems and analytical health diagnostics that improve asset availability, extend service life, reduce risk, and lower maintenance costs.

Luna Labs is a technology resource for aerospace, energy, automotive, health sciences, first responders, telecommunications, and defense. Our scientists and engineers generate solutions that save time, save money, and save lives.

We partner with universities, government labs, and the best companies in the world to explore technological feasibility of new ideas, align technologies with customer needs, and generate solutions.

Working with a robust global network of manufacturers, suppliers, licensees, and distributors, Luna Labs develops everything from small-scale prototypes up to market-ready products.

We partner with government and private organizations to innovate critical solutions for first responders, defense, and health care professionals around the world.


  • Wound Healing
  • Clinical & Environmental Diagnostics
  • Medical Simulation
  • Human Performance
  • Drug & Vaccine Delivery