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[READ MORE: The Future of Vaccine Delivery](https://lunalabs.us/future-vaccine-delivery/)
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Gentoo HydrophobicGentoo™ is a durable, transparent, hydrophobic coating developed by Luna Labs to provide abrasion resistant fluid repellency on numerous surfaces. Conventional hydrophobic coatings have limited abrasion resistance, oil repellency, and visual clarity. Gentoo changes that, excelling where other coatings have fallen short with its unique combination of high performing durability and fluid shedding properties.  Gentoo not only repels water but also most oils and solvents. It is also able to withstand significant abrasion without sacrificing performance.

In addition to superior repellency, Gentoo coatings offer these features:

  • Robust adhesion to painted, plated, and bare metallic substrates, as well as glass and surface primed plastics
  • Demonstrated excellent resistance to salt spray, UV exposure, and chemical exposure
  • Reduced corrosion when used on metals and alloys due to outstanding insulating and barrier properties
  • Easy-clean surfaces
  • Variety of coating application methods (e.g., flow or dip-coated, HVLP sprayed, painted) with minimal surface preparation

Collaborating with the US Air Force, Luna Labs developed a rain repellant version for aircraft canopies and windshields to increase visibility during takeoff and landing during inclement weather. In partnership with PPG Aerospace in 2022, Gentoo is currently in flight demonstration on 32 F-16 canopies at four domestic and international US Air Force bases.  Now licensed to Ultra Tech International, Gentoo is available for sale at http://www.gentoocoating.com.

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