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[READ MORE: The Future of Vaccine Delivery](https://lunalabs.us/future-vaccine-delivery/)
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I thought it was going to be easier. But if you don’t do it right, then it’s really hard to actually stop the bleeding. Hands-on is much better than trying to learn it from a book.
Jayden K.

Jayden K, along with two dozen other students in the Charlottesville-Albemarle Technical Education Center’s (CATEC) Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) class recently learned what it’s really like to pack a bleeding gunshot wound and properly apply a tourniquet to treat a deep laceration. With several gallons of our simulant blood in tow, TrueClot’s Brad Day provided hands-in instruction to prepare these EMTs-in-training to master advanced bleeding control skills. 

The goal? Learn to pack a wound and apply a tourniquet as quickly and correctly as possible. 

Uncontrolled bleeding is a major cause of preventable deaths. It only takes 3-5 minutes to bleed out. Quick response and proper treatment are key to survivability.

Training opportunities that closely mimic reality not only improve skills mastery, but also help solidify knowledge of the physiology and medical interventions required to control severe bleeding. TrueClot simulations allow students to participate in a very realistic, hands-on training experience that is otherwise not possible in a classroom setting.
Cat Gardner
Paramedic, CATEC EMT Instructor

And the students agreed. Several students made a point of telling us they loved the clotting blood, and the task trainers gave them a much easier way to develop critical skills. 

TrueClot® bleeding control training products provide extraordinary realism, including clotting blood simulant that looks and behaves like real blood. Developed and manufactured in Charlottesville, VA, these task trainers are low-cost, durable, and easy to use, making them ideal for table-top demonstrations, live actor and scenario training, and simulation centers. 

TrueClot's gunshot wound packer in classroom setting.
Student demo of TrueClot's tourniquet application trainer
TrueClot's tourniquet application trainer with live actor.

This patented training system was developed more than 10 years ago in Charlottesville by Luna Labs in response to the Department of Defense’s need for cost-effective, realistic bleeding control training for combat medics and corpsmen. Today, TrueClot’s bleeding control trainers are used around the world to ensure the readiness of emergency medical services (EMS) and military personnel to treat critical bleeding control injuries. In addition, the company’s basic wound packing and tourniquet trainers are used to train civilians as immediate responders, preparing them to deliver life-saving bleeding control in disaster, crisis, or other emergency situations. 

Since we started TrueClot, its use has spread throughout the world, but it is especially gratifying to see it being used here in our backyard. What CATEC is doing with this training is of great benefit to our community. No one knows when serious bleeding will occur because of accident, disaster or worse. Preparedness through excellent training is key to saving lives.
Michael Danilich
Sr. VP of Operations, Luna Labs

TrueClot officially supports CATEC’s community affiliates program to ensure the medics of tomorrow have access to the best bleeding control training possible.

Thanks to NBC29 News for coverage of this training event.


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