[READ MORE: Luna Labs announces new Chief Commercialization Officer](https://lunalabs.us/new-cco-joins-lunalabs/)
[READ MORE: Luna Labs announces new Chief Commercialization Officer](https://lunalabs.us/new-cco-joins-lunalabs/)
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Luna Labs is a leading research and development organization specializing in advanced materials and engineered systems for the US military, aerospace, and other industries. With a strong focus on innovation, reliability, and national security, we provide comprehensive solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by these industries. Our multidisciplinary team of experts and state-of-the-art research facilities enable us to deliver cutting-edge technologies and materials that enhance military capabilities and ensure mission success.

Core Competencies

Military-Specific Materials Development: Our organization excels in developing materials tailored for military applications, including obscurants, counter directed energy systems, lightweight transparent armor, advanced composites, advanced wearable textiles, and specialized coatings. We leverage our expertise to design materials with superior mechanical properties, enhanced durability, and optimized performance for defense-related needs.

Performance Evaluation and Testing: We offer comprehensive performance evaluation and testing services specifically designed for military materials. Our testing capabilities include select ballistic testing (up to .50 caliber bullet traps), impact resistance analysis, thermal protection evaluation, electromagnetic evaluation of liquid and aerosolized materials, and environmental durability testing. We ensure materials meet stringent military standards and regulations.

Advanced Manufacturing Techniques: We utilize advanced manufacturing techniques, such as additive manufacturing (3D and screen-printing), composite fabrication, laboratory synthesis, and precision machining, to produce complex industrial components and technologies with high accuracy and efficiency.

Lightweight Materials and Structures: Weight reduction is crucial to enhance mobility, fuel efficiency, and payload capacity. We specialize in developing lightweight materials and structures, including advanced polymers or coatings, carbon fiber composites, and hybrid materials, to achieve weight savings without compromising strength or functionality.

Chemical and Biological Defense: Our organization conducts research and development of materials and technologies aimed at chemical and biological defense. This includes the development of protective clothing, decontamination systems, and innovative materials with enhanced resistance to chemical and biological agents.

System Integration and Engineering Support: We provide system integration services and engineering support to ensure seamless integration of our materials and technologies. Our team collaborates closely with defense contractors and military agencies to meet specific requirements and facilitate successful integration.

Key Differentiators

Luna Labs is a trusted partner for the US military, providing advanced materials and technologies that enhance military capabilities and ensure operational readiness. With our expertise, cutting-edge facilities, and commitment to national security, we enable defense organizations to stay at the forefront of materials science and maintain a technological advantage. Contact us today to explore how we can contribute to your research, development, and innovation goals.

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