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[READ MORE: SCNTs Hold Big Promise](https://lunalabs.us/scnts-big-promise/)
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Luna Labs’ Dislotech Joint Reduction Trainers provide instructors anatomically accurate, hands-on simulation to teach students proper joint reduction techniques.

Medical simulation products enable instructors to teach students proper diagnostic and procedural technique. However, joint reduction training platforms have not been widely adopted, so the first time a clinician reduces a dislocated joint is often on a patient.

Luna Labs and partners at the University of Virginia have developed trainers to instill confidence in medical personnel in diagnosing dislocations and employing proper reduction technique.

The Luna Labs JRT Shoulder is already deployed for training and evaluation use in athletic training education programs. Please don’t hesitate to reach out if your program is looking for trainers that fulfill CAATE Standard 70.


Hands-on training for management of joint dislocations

Fidelic range of motion in reduced and dislocated states

Compatible with multiple reduction techniques

Realistic palpation of anatomical landmarks

Durable for repeated use in classroom instruction.

More Information

New joints coming soon January 2024.

This product is patent pending. PCT Patent Application No. PCT/US2022/016716 Based on US 63/177,478 filed on April 21, 2021

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