[READ MORE: SCNTs Hold Big Promise](https://lunalabs.us/scnts-big-promise/)
[READ MORE: SCNTs Hold Big Promise](https://lunalabs.us/scnts-big-promise/)
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Luna Labs has developed a durable tire coating system that can be color-matched to client-specific needs while extending the life of the tire.  Originally developed in partnership with the US military to reduce detection of tires on vehicles in combat areas, our groundbreaking tire coating system has applications both in enhancing vehicle camouflage for military clients as well as for civilian customers interested in visual appeal and tire protection.

The Luna Labs tire coating has demonstrated strong adhesion to tire rubber, resulting in excellent durability through adverse environmental conditions (fatigue, fluid exposure, abrasion, and aging). The coating is easily applied, cures quickly, and has proven ultra-violet and ozone protection to extend tire life.  We have color-match coatings for standard military needs (e.g. IRR foliage green 504, woodland desert sage 34201) as well as high-gloss black and custom color-match for civilian needs.

At Luna Labs, our experts have spent decades developing coatings for unique applications and extreme environments. We are experts in formulation, testing, and optimization of coatings.

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