[READ MORE: Luna Labs announces new Chief Commercialization Officer](https://lunalabs.us/new-cco-joins-lunalabs/)
[READ MORE: Luna Labs announces new Chief Commercialization Officer](https://lunalabs.us/new-cco-joins-lunalabs/)
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Surgical Adhesions Cause Postoperative Complications

Postoperative adhesions are “expected outcomes” in abdominal surgeries, forming after 90% of surgical procedures causing chronic debilitating pain and increasing the complexity of future surgeries.


Critically, 1 in 3 births in the United States happens by cesarean section. These surgical procedures have a 5x increase in the formation of postoperative adhesions, which are a leading cause of infertility in women and complicate future pregnancies and deliveries.

Graphic depiction of post-surgery abdominal adhesions
Depiction of post-surgery adhesions
Image of Aeroveil sprayable barrier
AeroVeil sprayable hydrogel

A Sprayable Barrier to Prevent Adhesion Formation

In response, Luna Labs has developed a sprayable hydrogel barrier, AeroVeil™, that will provide surgeons with an effective, inexpensive, and safe tool to reduce the incidence and severity of postoperative adhesions.

AeroVeil conforms to tissue, is colored for easy visualization, biodegrades, and maintains a barrier for 4-7 days until the risk of adhesions has passed.

AeroVeil Validation in Vivo

Pre-clinical efficacy testing in rats and rabbits demonstrated reduction in the incidence and severity of postoperative adhesion formation. Product biocompatibility was demonstrated under ISO10993 to support product transition and regulatory review.

Untreated Control

AeroVeil Treatment

Reduced adhesion incidence and severity score in a rabbit model of adhesion formation


Graphic depicting an eye
Colored for easy visibility of application area.
graphic depicting no scalpel
Compatible with laparoscopic techniques.
Graphic depicting irregular surface
Robust formulation for coating irregular shaped tissue surfaces.
Graphic depicting rapid results
Biodegradable for rapid clearance after tissue healing.
Graphic depicting low cost
Low cost materials and applicator for streamlined adoption.

More Information

This product is protected under European Patent EP3606572 and is under review in the US and China under PCT/US2018/024716.

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