Blockade™ GC, Corrosion Resistant FastenersAs a durable and thin galvanic protective coating, Blockade GC significantly reduces repair costs and maintenance time associated with corrosion around fasteners and bushings.

Blockade™ GC (GC = Galvanic Corrosion) is suitable for use with various types of metallic materials including bare and plated steels, aluminum, and titanium alloys, as well as primed and top-coated metallic components. By blocking the galvanic couple between mated components, Blockade™ GC improves corrosion control around fasteners and bushings, including down-hole spaces.  Blockade™ GC parts are coated at the factory to ensure complete coverage of every part, providing easy installation of the drop-in ready components with or without the use of wet install primers or additional corrosion preventative compounds (CPCs).

Luna Labs has demonstrated expertise in corrosion control for more than 20 years.  We are currently working with the US Air Force, Boeing, and the University of Virginia to optimize, scale-up, and transition Blockade™ GC.  Our experts understand corrosion at the most fundamental electrochemical level, and we’ve dedicated ourselves to finding new material solutions to stop it.  Blockade™ GC is the only sol-gel coated product on the market designed to mitigate galvanic corrosion by acting as an electrical and physical barrier to harmful corrosion players, rather than relying on hazardous chromates and sacrificial metals.

Damage (represented here by charge in Coulombs) was reduced by >80% with Blockade GC (sol-gel) coated fasteners.
Damage (represented here by charge in Coulombs) was reduced by >80% with Blockade GC (sol-gel) coated fasteners.

The below plot shows the corrosion damage, depicted in charge, of various bare and Blockade™ GC coated fasteners mated to coated 7075-T6 aluminum plates. Even when the fastener holes had scribes through the paint down to bare aluminum, the Blockade™ GC coating resulted in substantial reduction in aluminum galvanic corrosion damage (i.e. charge), and in some cases a reduction by as much as > 80%. Blockade™ GC provides consistent and predictable corrosion control, with performance greater than or equal to more costly materials.

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