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[READ MORE: The Future of Vaccine Delivery](https://lunalabs.us/future-vaccine-delivery/)
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In 3-5 minutes, you can bleed out and die.

Watch the TrueClot wound packer application trainer in action at a community event at minute 2:00 – 2:20.

According to the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crimes Global Study on Homicide 2023, knife violence represents 22% of homicides committed globally, a consistent statistic since 2014.

This violence underscores the importance for emergency medical responders to be trained to quickly control bleeding by packing a wound properly or applying a tourniquet correctly.

In this Times (UK) interview, Carl Scott talks about the need for his community-based bleeding control initiative. He discusses the impact quick bleeding control actions can have on saving lives.

Medical simulation devices, such as Luna Labs’ TrueClot® task trainers, simulated blood, and simulated hemostatic dressings, are being used by Carl and EMTs around the world to provide training in life-saving bleeding control technique. 

Carl is going one step further. He’s working to place bleeding control kits in public “hotspots” across the UK where violent crimes are likely to happen. The goal is to empower citizens to step in – to be ‘immediate responders’ – to help control bleeding until medical professionals arrive.

In the US, you can prepare yourself to help stop a critical bleeding injury by visiting the Stop the Bleed Coalition. the Stop the Bleed Program, or your local medical training provider.


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