[READ MORE: SCNTs Hold Big Promise](https://lunalabs.us/scnts-big-promise/)
[READ MORE: SCNTs Hold Big Promise](https://lunalabs.us/scnts-big-promise/)
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The Paris Air Show was the perfect place to test our ‘go to market’ strategies and gather immediate feedback. The week allowed us to quickly narrow down our approach to bring the Acuity to its full potential for the aerospace market. In addition to our relationship with airframe manufacturers, we are pursuing collaborations in the maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) arena.
Head shot of Pierre Morel
Pierre Morel
Director of Systems, Luna Labs

As the largest aerospace event in the world, the International Paris Air Show brings together some of the most creative minds to shape the future of global aviation safety, maintenance, and efficiency.  

We were part of the 2023 Virginia delegation representing Virginia-based companies leading the development and manufacture of advanced solutions for aeronautical industries. Led by the Virginia Economic Development Partnership’s (VEDP) International Trade group, we met with many potential partners and customers who are eager to tap into our advanced materials and systems expertise. 

Acuity Corrosion Technology and Protective Coatings

Our Acuity Corrosion Technology (https://acuitycorrosion.com/) garnered significant attention as a premier aircraft corrosion monitoring solution. The Acuity product line provides unprecedented, continuous access to corrosivity data which can be used to reduce maintenance hours, improve corrosion detection in hard-to-reach spaces, and identify corrosion-driving environmental factors – all key elements to ensure increased aircraft availability and reduce maintenance costs.  

We also showcased our corrosion blocking coating, Blockade™ GC, for fasteners and bushings, our hydrophobic coating, GenToo™, used on windshields and aircraft canopies to increase visibility, and our protective tire coatings to optimize tire performance and provide camouflage when needed. 

Leading the Charge

Image of Governor Youngkin at the LUna Labs booth with CEO James Garrett and Director of Systems Pierre Morel
Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin stopped by to visit CEO James Garrett and Director of Systems Pierre Morel.

During his visit to our booth, Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin reiterated his interest in seeing companies like Luna Labs lead the charge in developing cutting-edge aviation technologies.  

Working on both military and civilian applications, our Luna Labs’ engineers and scientists will continue to do their part to bring safer, more efficient, aircraft to the skies. And we’re looking forward to gathering once again in Paris for the 2025 event. 

We have long been a recognized technical leader in the corrosion community, and our products provide corrosion information and insights that would be inaccessible with other techniques. We are excited to be building from our excellent technical platform into a product business that serves important international defense and civilian customers.
James Garret head shot
James Garrett
CEO, Luna Labs


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