[READ MORE: The Future of Vaccine Delivery](https://lunalabs.us/future-vaccine-delivery/)
[READ MORE: The Future of Vaccine Delivery](https://lunalabs.us/future-vaccine-delivery/)
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We’re proud to be part of the Charlottesville defense ecosystem.

A 2023 study conducted by the University of Virginia’s Weldon Cooper Center for Public Service revealed that defense ranks as the second-largest industry in Charlottesville, generating significant regional economic impacts through job creation, labor income, and overall economic output. Second only to higher education, Charlottesville’s defense industry includes the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA), the National Ground Intelligence Center (NGIC), the Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGIA), and a variety of defense contractors.

Luna Labs’ partnerships with the military are helping us cultivate big, bold ideas and bring novel solutions to the point-of-need. From advanced materials and engineering systems that protect aircraft and ships to healthcare solutions that protect troops and civilians, our scientists and engineers are at the leading edge of some of the most innovative emerging technologies.

With nearly 100 science, engineering, and business professionals on-board, we are grateful to be part of Charlottesville’s incredibly talented pool of technical experts. Charlottesville has been our home for more than 20 years, and our deep connections with the regional supply chain and close partnerships with Virginia’s higher education institutes enrich our capabilities.

We remain committed to enhancing Charlottesville as a quality environment for living and working, and to fostering its reputation as a center of technical innovation.

Thanks to the Charlottesville Regional Chamber of Commerce, the City of Charlottesville Department of Economic Development, Albemarle County, the University of Virginia Office of Economic Development, the University of Virginia Foundation, and Virginia Business Magazine for shining the spotlight so effectively on Charlottesville’s defense industry.

Virginia Business Magazine’s article, Under the radar: Charlottesville defense sector has stealthy presence, big impact (April 2023), provides an overview of defense activity and expertise in the Charlottesville region.


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