[READ MORE: Luna Labs announces new Chief Commercialization Officer](https://lunalabs.us/new-cco-joins-lunalabs/)
[READ MORE: Luna Labs announces new Chief Commercialization Officer](https://lunalabs.us/new-cco-joins-lunalabs/)
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The number of young men and women who are excited about the work we do at Luna Labs gives such hope for the impact they will make in the world. We see our future workforce on these curious faces. And we can’t wait to see where their education will take them.
La'Vonne Fowler, SHRM-SCP
Human Resources Manager at Luna Labs

The benefits of STEM education were on display at the 2024 Charlottesville High School annual career fair.

Dozens of young students got to see first-hand how science, technology, engineering, and math impact the world.

Intended to energize middle and high school students about the opportunities available through STEM education, the career fair offered hands-on demos and the chance to talk with practitioners in a variety of fields.

At the Luna Labs table, students practiced reducing a joint back into place with our Dislotech Joint Reduction Trainers. They saw how our TrueClot realistic wound packing trainers create better bleeding control training for first responders. They learned about work being done to develop a non-lethal stabilizing agent for safer apprehension of offenders by law enforcement. And they saw how an Acuity Corrosion Technology sensor no bigger than a deck of cards can monitor corrosion, in real-time, on ships and airplanes.

Our Kate Johnson and La’Vonne Fowler were there talking about the wide number of STEM disciplines needed by technology companies like Luna Labs. The development of these high-tech products requires expertise in biophysics, electrical engineering, biochemistry, software development, advanced materials, and so much more.

While we wait for these budding scientists and engineers to learn their trades, you can discover job openings here.

Products from Luna Labs’ medical simulation, human performance, and corrosion teams on display at the Charlottesville High School Career Fair


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