[READ MORE: Luna Labs announces new Chief Commercialization Officer](https://lunalabs.us/new-cco-joins-lunalabs/)
[READ MORE: Luna Labs announces new Chief Commercialization Officer](https://lunalabs.us/new-cco-joins-lunalabs/)
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The Biotech Division at Luna Labs is a one-of-a-kind asset for defense, government, and healthcare partners. Our broad capabilities combined with deep expertise allow us to address critical healthcare concerns rapidly. Our team is accustomed to solving challenging problems in a cost-effective, translatable, and dependable fashion.
Chris Tison head shot
Chris Tison, PhD
Director, Biotechnology at Luna Labs

What do a vaccine delivery platform, a virtual motion simulator, a sprayable postoperative adhesion barrier, and a bleeding control trainer have in common? 

All are novel solutions developed by Luna Labs’ teams of biomedical researchers, engineers, and collaborators to address challenging health and safety concerns. 

  • NanoVac, a short carbon nanotube-based platform, for the safe delivery of immunogens or therapeutics to multiple targets beyond intramuscular routes 
  • 3WAVeS virtual motion simulator to create realistic flight simulation and spatial disorientation training, including motion sensations, while helping to address cybersickness 
  • AeroVeil sprayable hydrogel barrier for better wound management to reduce the incidence and severity of postoperative adhesions 
  • TrueClot clotting blood simulant, wound packers, and tourniquet trainers for unprecedented realism in bleeding control training 

And these aren’t the only technologies in our treasure chest.

Image of the TrueClot chest seal application trainer for scenario training

Just released: the TrueClot Chest Seal Application Trainer

We are creating new ways to diagnosis and treat complex healthcare issues like COVID and traumatic brain injury, developing advanced sensors to monitor human performance, and using advanced biomaterials to renew and restore tissue function.  

We are developing solutions to protect the warfighter and military assets.  

  • Continuous wear sensors provide real-time physiologic monitoring of a soldier’s well-being. 
  • Wearable devices reduce the strain on neck and spine during long and challenging flight missions. 
  • Portable and rugged diagnostics will enable rapid diagnosis of disease, chemical warfare agents, and water quality.  

We also use traditional biomedical techniques to tackle non-medical problems.  

  • Our MDAnalyzer uses rapid detection and quantification of Metal Deactivator Additive (MDA) in jet fuel to minimize its harmful effects on engines and the environment.   
  • We’re developing technologies to improve less than lethal munitions for law enforcement including synthetic skin surrogates to enhance safety of projectiles and incapacitating foams to capture offenders safely.  
  • Our dissolvable swabs will make processing of forensic samples more efficient, cost effective, and accurate. 

As a leading defense contractor and technology product developer in Central Virginia, we capitalize on broad skills and deep experience in human health and biomedical systems, medical simulation, advanced materials and manufacturing, and asset monitoring to bring cross-functional perspectives to pressing commercial and military needs.

In the realm of human performance and healthcare, it means any project team might include one of our polymer, nanomaterials, predictive modeling, data analytics, biochemistry, medical simulation, software, firmware, or electronics in-house experts. 

Our solutions are made better through developmental collaborations with universities, federal agencies, and commercial partners around the world. We build our solutions on the needs of our customers, feedback from the field, and the talents of many. 

We are always interested in solving healthcare challenges and engaging in collaborative partnerships.

Please reach out to let us know about your interests. 


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